Rock N Fitness offers a variety of group x classes for men and women. We are conveniently located in Cambridge, MA and out group fitness Director is Samantha Rinaldi.


  • BARRE: A low-impact full body toning and muscle sculpting workout that provides a total body transformation. Each class integrates the use of the #BALLETBARRE for glutes and thighs, light weights for upper body toning, and your mat for a Pilates style core workout. Guaranteed to slim hips, tighten thighs, lift seats, and mobilize metabolisms. BARRE30/30: Hybrid Barre and Pilates combo class!
  • BUTTS & GUTS: Build a stronger #CORE in this class, with a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. Full body work out, focusing on the lower body and core for the optimal strength work out. Make sure to bring your mat, for the ab circuits!
  • BROGA®: Strong, energetic, and challenging, #BROGA combines the best core-strengthening muscle toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout. #REALMENYOGA
    CARDIO KICKBOXING: Become a #KNOCKOUT through this cardio workout where you are totally in command. This class will use a range of martial arts and boxing techniques where you will strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to knock ‘em dead on your next night out.
  • HIIT IT!: Get in #ROCKNFIT shape in this power packed high intensity workout using traditional and modern exercises. Your muscle endurance and cardiovascular conditioning will be improved while in a super combat circuit fashion. We will keep your blood flowing and heart rate elevated, allowing you to burn body fat and tone muscle. INTERVAL: timed circuits to give yourself that extra push!FEEL THE BEAT! DANCE: The cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of #DANCE. An addictive fusion of the latest dance moves and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as breaking a sweat. #FEELTHATBEAT with all types of music and styles; hip hop, funk, jazz and more! WARNING: cranks up hip hop/R&B blend of music during this class
  • KICK, BUTT, ABS: Vamp your workout up with this power blended class of cardio and weight training. Kickboxing techniques to improve cardio and upper body strength, perfectly blended with a powerful lower body weight training using dumbbells and/or body bars to tighten glutes and trim thighs, finishing with #ROCKNSOLID core workout on your mat.
    PI-YO®: PiYo® combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and #FLEXIBILITY advantages of yoga. We crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.
  • POWER YOGA: Sweat, move, and groove through this dynamic #POWERFLOW of yoga sequences, linked to breathing and staying energized. The powerful music will allow you to release all bad energy from your day. You will be encouraged to move into poses at your own degree. Modifications will always be offered and encouraged; making this class achievable for all levels.
    ROCK’N STRENGTH: Get that #STRONGBODY through this total body, hard core, strength class. Hitting every muscle group using dumbbells, body bars, and body weight exercises, get lean and mean, while toning muscles and trimming body fat.
    SPORTS CONDITIONING: #SPEED #AGILITY #QUICKNESS Bring a team or show up solo, in the end, everyone is on the same team, working athletic movements into strength training and cardio conditioning. Make sure you bring you’re A-Game, all levels are welcome.
  • TREADMILL BOOT CAMP: #HARDCORE and hard body training, bringing treadmill, sprints, hills, runs to circuit weight training, pushing the pedal to the metal.
  • VINYASA YOGA: Link each movement with your breath. In this flow, you will transition into every pose smoothly by using your breath to achor each movement, connecting #MINDBODYSOUL
  • ZUMBA®: #ZUMBA Fitness® is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music and contagious dance steps to form a “fitness party” atmosphere that is fun and addicting!
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